Friday 23 March 2018
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My father may not be perfect, but he’s doing what he does best, being my dad.
– Adrian A. Jeresano

SOURCE: Facebook.
A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about what it means to be a father. After a nice chat, we can’t come to an agreement. What is clear is that having a child and being a father is not the same thing and sometimes confuse things. Anyone can reproduce biologically, but take responsibility for parenting is something that, unfortunately, not all parents do, I know many egregious cases. Being a FATHER, with capital letter, is to be more concerned with the welfare of his son, to provide his entire individual needs, large or small, to have a child.

Today’s photo above, that had gone viral, contains a moment between a father and a son. The photo in question was captured when an intense storm surprised passersby. A simple gesture full of meaning! This for many is the graphical representation of everyday life and this means being a father.

Daddy; thanks for being my hero, chauffeur, financial support, listener, life mentor, friend, guardian and simply be there every time I need a hug.

– Agatha Stephanie Lin.


Há dias atrás, estava a conversar com uma pessoa amiga sobre o que significa ser pai. Depois de uma conversa agradável, nós não conseguimos chegar a um acordo.
O que está claro é que ter uma criança e ser pai, não são a mesma coisa e às vezes confundimos as coisas. Qualquer um pode procriar biologicamente, mas assumir a responsabilidade de parentalidade é algo que, infelizmente, nem todos os pais fazem, conheço muitos casos flagrantes disso mesmo.
Ser PAI, com letra maiúscula, é estar mais preocupado com o bem-estar de seu filho, é cobrir todas as necessidades individuais, grandes ou pequenas, de ter um filho.

Hoje tem viralizado uma fotografia que contém um momento entre um pai e um filho. A foto em questão foi captada quando uma intensa tempestade surpreendeu os transeuntes. Um simples gesto cheio de significado. Isto para muitos é a representação gráfica do quotidiano e isto significa ser um pai.


Efiok Udoh

Efiok William Udoh, the second son in a family of six siblings, is a Nigerian-born Russian-trained Medical Practitioner, who has been in Private Practice for over a decade. He is an aspiring writer, fluent in English, Russian, and Portuguese languages. He is an ardent reader, a die-hard romantic and optimist. He loves to cook, travel and spend time with his family playing, having crazy fun and creating awesome memories. He is married to the jaw-dropping beautiful ex-model, Bernice, the woman of his dreams, whom he met in December 2009. They have two kids and currently live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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