Friday 23 March 2018
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HUGS, PECKS “n” KISSES: Not only for your Spouse!

HUGS, PECKS “n” KISSES: Not only for your Spouse!

“Hugging relieves many physical and emotional problems and can help people live longer, maintain health, relieve stress, and promote sleep.” – A study by University of California, Los Angeles, Medical center and The Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.(Culled from Zig Ziglar’s “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World”).

In our home, apart from fun, Disney Junior, and a rarely tidy bedroom, hugs are kisses are never lacking. However, growing up for me was a different story. In fact, I remembered one picture my dad and mom sent me while I was in the University. It was a bad attempt at open display of affection. My dad had his arm on my mums shoulder. A nice gesture of love you would presume. But the thing is, there was a space between them that was big enough to fit a basketball team.

And my guess was that the photographer in a move to spice up the photo shoot and make it a bit romantic suggested the “hand-on-the-shoulder” move. A lame attempt at a hug.

So, hugging or any form of affection was never a part and parcel of my growing up experience. We never shared hugs. Well not until I got married and suddenly, my folks want to hug. Why?


I am a hugger and I love to hug and cuddle. Thankfully, so is my wife. And our kids have contracted the hugging-bug. And they seemed to have spread it to Grandma and Grandpa. Now, my parents want me to hug them. And out of old habits, I most times respectfully decline.

Showing affection to your kids creates a strong emotional bond that grows by the years. On the flip side, not hugging them creates an emotional void which they might end up spending their adult life trying to fill by hopping from one unhealthy relationship to another.

Dads, please let’s drop the ‘macho-ness’ and hug and kiss our kids with a fatherly love! That small gesture repeated over and over again as a family culture goes a very long way in boosting their self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, and self-confidence!

Studies show that affection may boost kids’ mood, health, and confidence, says Kenneth Rubin, Ph.D., professor of human development at the University of Maryland.(source:

Cuddle your kids as often as possible, and even when they err! That is after a word of correction, a scolding or an argument just wrap your arms around that bundle of joy. It speaks volumes, better than words could ever express!

Happy Parenting!
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Efiok Udoh

Efiok William Udoh, the second son in a family of six siblings, is a Nigerian-born Russian-trained Medical Practitioner, who has been in Private Practice for over a decade. He is an aspiring writer, fluent in English, Russian, and Portuguese languages. He is an ardent reader, a die-hard romantic and optimist. He loves to cook, travel and spend time with his family playing, having crazy fun and creating awesome memories. He is married to the jaw-dropping beautiful ex-model, Bernice, the woman of his dreams, whom he met in December 2009. They have two kids and currently live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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