Sunday 17 December 2017
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PARENTAL INFLUENCE: Positive Self Talk – A seed for Greatness!

PARENTAL INFLUENCE: Positive Self Talk – A seed for Greatness!

“I think I started learning lessons about being a good person long before I ever knew what basketball was. And that starts in the home, it starts with the parental influence.” – Julius Erving.

We all constantly engage in inner dialogue either consciously or unconsciously. And our inner conversation goes a long way in determining our attitude, self-value, self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief. And these are the things that mostly defines a person’s character and success or failure in life.

Your self talk, whether positive or negative, defines your attitude towards yourself, others and the your world at large. And it is this same attitude that eventually shapes your behaviors and actions in any given situation. It is your inner perception!

Every parent by their actions or inactions lay the foundation for their kids inner thoughts, self-talk, self-value and eventually their attitude towards themselves and life in general. It is one of the many ways we influence our children’s lives, positively or negatively, as the case maybe.

So imagine a parent who constantly tells his child, “you are so stupid!” That parent is sowing seeds of negative Self-belief in the child’s mind. He is creating the child’s inner perception of self and life. And eventually slowly and steadily the child will begin to accept what he/she hears from the parent until it will be according to the word of the parent. The child will eventually accept his fate of being stupid and stop trying to be better. “After all, daddy and mummy say I am stupid! And they are right. I am.”

“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.” – Bob Keeshan

By creating your child’s core belief system you invariably fashion their inner dialogue. And in the long run their self-value, Self-belief, self-esteem and attitude. And these inner core values and beliefs are the ingredients for character building. They shape a life!

Parents, your words, actions and, most often, inactions are deep-rooted seeds of influence you sow in the lives of your offspring! And these could be seeds of greatness or seeds of mediocrity.

Parents, encourage your kids! Give them your best seeds! A great attitude is the best pillar you can give your child in life. And positive self talk fosters positive attitude and behavior. That’s the seed to a great and success life!

# Parenting is a Divine Mandate.
# Parenting is the best legacy.
Happy Parenting!

Efiok Udoh

Efiok William Udoh, the second son in a family of six siblings, is a Nigerian-born Russian-trained Medical Practitioner, who has been in Private Practice for over a decade. He is an aspiring writer, fluent in English, Russian, and Portuguese languages. He is an ardent reader, a die-hard romantic and optimist. He loves to cook, travel and spend time with his family playing, having crazy fun and creating awesome memories. He is married to the jaw-dropping beautiful ex-model, Bernice, the woman of his dreams, whom he met in December 2009. They have two kids and currently live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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